How to Hack Someone’s Hangouts Messages?

Hangouts Messenger is a popular app developed by Google in the year 2013, it was originally designed to replace some features all android phones had by implementing all of them in a single application, needless to say as for any Google product it chough up quickly and not later after that there was a sufficient amount of people that were looking for ways to spy on other peoples Hangouts clients for various reasons. It is exactly because of this limited group of people we decided to review all the applications that claim to have the ability to spy on Hangouts Messenger.

In the overall run we decided that mSpy should take the first place on our Top 5 Mangouts Messenger tracking apps list and in this article we will go over all the reasons why MSPY outranks the applications that are its direct competition.

The applications we tested are very different but they do the same thing at their core, they spy on Hangouts. In the first couple of minutes of testing we noticed that not all applications support all the modern operating systems, even though Hangouts Messenger was originally designed for android phones, a lot more mobile devices support this application, we saw this as a drawback to some applications because the application MSPY effectively supports all operating systems while for example MOBILESPY doesn’t support android. HIGHSTER while in some places performed better the MSPY didn’t have the support for WINDOWS phones as well as the option to track the GSP location of the device you are spying on. On the other hand we have SPYERA which performed well on all tests but simply didn’t have the time put in to it as MSPY.

How does it work?

We decided to give MSPY the first spot because of the following reasons. First of all we have the connection the application establishes. HIGHSTER had a lot of trouble connecting to the server to which it was relaying data in order for us to see it, as for SPYERA and MOBISTEALH, they didn’t have any connection issues, but the time these applications took to connect may drive away some users of spy software.

The installation procedure is another topic that we feel that we should mention, we all know that android phones are complicated to use, advanced users of this software will know this fact, the ability to modify the core of the software comes at a cost, in some cases the installation procedure was extremely difficult and required great amounts of knowledge, while in some cases like MSPY and HIGHSTER the application of the applications from Top 5 Hangouts Messenger tracking apps list was straightforward and easy for all users, that’s why we recommend these applications to all users that have limited technical knowledge on the operation of their core operating system.

Now, how do these applications actually spy on the Hangouts Messenger? As all applications on your mobile device, Hangouts uses the hardware that is integrated in your mobile device, for example, the wireless antenna and the frontal camera, the applications that we tested simply pick up the information from these devices and send it to the server which will later on forward the information to your mobile device when you request it. We also feel that we should mention that only MSPY and SPYERA have the ability to spy on video calls on the device at hand.

Can I really use Top 5 Hangouts Messenger tracking apps to spy?

We were suspicious of the idea at first, but after we have done sufficient research we found out that a lot of applications that claim they can spy on Hangouts, simply cant. On the other hand we found a lot of applications that actually can spy on Hangouts and while some application have difficulties with the tasks you assign them, they eventually do get the job done. Needless to say that this is the most important factor when it comes to the functionality of the applications that we tested, and it’s because of this it had severe impact on where the application will be placed on the Top 5 Hangouts Messenger tracking apps list.

Is it legal?

There are laws that prohibit jealous boyfriends and girlfriends to spy on each other, and spying in general is illegal. Sometimes it isn’t a felony because concerned family members and directors of powerful companies use these applications all the time to keep a close eye on people around them. As far as morale is concerned, we don’t need to mention that spying on someone privacy is extremely immoral, but when it comes to somebody’s safety, these are the means to provide it. While using the Top 5 Hangouts tracking apps can be great fun it actually can bring you trouble with the law. Be careful what information you spy on, because it’s strictly illegal to steal sensitive information that can be stored on the phone, for example the social security number of people.

In conclusion

All the applications that we tested had good programmers and designer teams behind them, it’s because of this that all applications that are now on our Top 5 Hangouts Messenger tracking apps list performed well in the long run. Some applications outperformed other ones, but eventually every single app got the job done and it is our opinion they are well worth your time. The final decision what app to use always comes down to the customer willing to purchase it, this is the primary reason we have done all the testing, so you don’t have to do it yourself. We hopefully provided all the necessary information you needed and by doing so we hope we saved you a lot of money and time.

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